Glacier Portable Ice Bath


With years of experience in high-performance sports, the creators of GLACIER know the importance of quick and effective recovery. With its portable design, GLACIER can go wherever your adventures take you, allowing you to recover faster and perform at your best, no matter where you are. GLACIER is the ultimate on-the-go cryotherapy solution.

Estimated Delivery Time: 3 – 5 Working Days


The compact lightweight design makes the recovery pod easy to use anywhere with quick assembly and disassembly.

drain tap

You can easily let the water drain from the recovery pod using the supplied hose via the quick release tap.

thermo lid

The insulated lid is designed to add a thermal layer between the ice bath water and external elements. Keeping the water at a steady temperature.


75cm in height x 75cm in diameter Can fit a person up to 6ft9 and 140kgs


Recovery Pod: 6 month limited warranty* covering any structural defects or leakages

Inflatables: 1 month limited warranty*

*Valid from delivery date

* Warranty is void upon misuse of product

*Keep out of direct sunlight


3 layers of thermal insulated TPE protection that keeps the water at a steady temperature.